LSI’s Jolene Baker presented on Friday, October 9, at Smart Industry’s fall Base Camp Digital webinar. She helped to demystify data analytics and explained how to get started.

Smart Industry  also interviewed Baker and published a webinar preview that addressed these questions (which were expanded upon in the webinar itself):

  1. Are data analytics really applicable for all manufacturers? 
  2. Are there misconceptions about the number of enterprises / the degree to which enterprises are analyzing their data?
  3. What’s a common simple first step with using the information coming off machines? 
  4. What emerging trend from the world of data excites you?

Read the entire article here.

The webinar is free to view on-demand. Learn more here.

LSI Jolene Baker

Jolene Baker is a senior manufacturing intelligence specialist at LSI. She works extensively with database applications and is an industry expert in the use of the Falkonry pattern recognition software. Before joining LSI, Baker worked for a trona ore mine and soda ash production facility where she served as a process engineer specializing in the design of data analytic solutions to support the company’s operations. She is also experienced in using pattern recognition, statistical modeling and AF analytics to provide proactive process adjustments and condition-based asset monitoring in automation.

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