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Who We Are

Because our culture is focused on long-term relationships (with both our clients and our employees), we are uniquely positioned to solve problems for manufacturers. We are independent and not owned by an OEM, so we can offer innovative solutions without biases to simply and cost-effectively improve plant operations. We’ve also built up a wide range of in-house capabilities that fill in the gaps where other integrators stop short, adding more value and accountability to every project.

Our People

At LSI, our core values – service, integrity, and excellence – support our goal to provide the highest level of benefit in what we do for our customers. Our employees are rewarded for providing service to the customer first, acting with integrity, and showcasing technical excellence. LSI employees value hard work and being part of something special.

Our Methods

We utilize project execution methodology and metrics tracking to ensure each job’s success. We always strive for the right application of the proper technology for the purpose required. LSI is large enough to execute multiple, multi-million dollar projects simultaneously, but small enough to be responsive to our customers’ needs. We manage each project by focusing on quality, cost, and schedule. A gap or compromise in any of these three areas will result in projects failing to meet expectations.

Our Reputation

Reputation in the engineering services business is critical to long-term success. LSI knows that we must excel on every project we do to earn the privilege of being invited back to provide more services in the future. We depend on repeat business and realize that “we are only as good as our last project.” We are proud of the fact that our very first customer from 1985 is still an active and growing customer today.


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