Our legacy DCS is at risk of failure and lacks local support. We've decided to migrate to PlantPAx and we need a Rockwell Automation System Integrator with batch processing experience in the specialty chemical industry. 
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Our demand for malt continues to grow, our malthouse controls are obsolete and we are experiencing unplanned downtime that affects our throughput and quality. We want to upgrade to ControlLogix with Brewmaxx across all our malthouses, but extended production downtime is not an option. We need an experienced systems integrator to lead this conversion from start to finish, optimize our malting process, clean up our documentation, and develop standards. Can LSI help?
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Achieving payback in 4.5 months, a $65,000 investment results in an impressive annual energy savings.
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Two of our palletizer lines are not operating consistently, and they cannot be integrated with our AGVs. We need help integrating our systems to reduce manual operations.
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Largest Public Power Provider in the United States Hires LSI for Critical Control System Upgrade
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A partnership built on trust – soy protein manufacturer IFF Nourish Protein Solutions in Memphis, TN, partners with LSI for long-term controls upgrades and more.
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Our dough-tray wash line throughput needs to improve. Whenever we change the sanitization-in-place (SIP) recipe, we need maintenance to adjust the de-stacker VFD for correct conveyor speed. Otherwise, we’ll have downtime due to jams. Can you help us integrate the tray washer and de-stacker controls?
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Every year, we have multiple variable frequency drive (VFD) failures on our rotating germination decks in our malthouse. Can LSI investigate the root cause and recommend a solution?
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When we start our water intake pumps, the inrush current is causing instability on the local power grid and driving our demand charge . Can you help us solve this problem while minimizing changes to our pump station facility?
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