Automating or optimizing a manufacturing process with a vision system is a frequent topic of conversation today, and rightly so, with the advancement and availability of camera technology. There are numerous benefits and opportunities to improve a process, but the challenge lies in successfully implementing and integrating the system. That’s why LSI starts every project the same – by listening. Then, with a thorough understanding of the client’s desired outcome coupled with our controls and automation experience, our team develops and integrates a system that delivers results.

Process Applications

Product Packaging Placement Verification

Our clients are implementing vision systems for many reasons, including automation of a manual process, better throughput, product traceability, quality control, and data collection. Common applications include:

  • Part identification and tracking
  • Part presence on an assembly line
  • Defect detection (2D and 3D measurement)
  • Alignment verification
  • Color verification
  • Manual inspection enhancement

Services Offered

  • Cost and application evaluation
  • Existing manufacturing process evaluation
  • Design of new process, optimized with machine vision
  • Troubleshooting existing visions systems
  • Process optimization
  • Modernization/upgrade services
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical design and fabrication


As an independent systems integrator, we’ll partner with the right manufacturer to deliver the best-fit solution for your application. Here are a few of the platforms that LSI’s experienced team of engineers can integrate:


Machine Learning Software

Why LSI?

LSI isn’t the only systems integrator that can help you design and integrate a machine vision system into your manufacturing process. What differentiates us is our vision experience coupled with the decades of process controls and automation experience we bring to your project. We approach every project the same, with listening. By thoroughly understanding your process and objectives first, our team can implement a customized machine vision system that is strategically integrated with your process.

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