Digital transformation, amidst all its hype, remains a concept often shrouded in complexity. LSI has the experience and resources to help you with your digital transformation journey, regardless of industry or company size.

What is Digital Transformation?

  • DigitalTransformationLSIThere are many names for digital transformation, often consisting of similar concepts, but a convergence of these ideas:
      • Industry 4.0
      • Smart Factory / Manufacturing
      • Industry X
      • Digital Manufacturing
      • Connected Enterprise
  • Digital transformation is a group of tools/methods/technologies used to address business problems
  • For success, it is imperative to create a common understanding throughout the business and ensure goals are aligned
  • The driving forces for digital transformation often comes from (e.g.):
      • Financial pressures
      • Customer expectations
      • Workforce Changes / Shortages
      • Increased Competition
      • Supply chain changes
      • Business agility
      • Changing environment
          • Demand for increased speed of information
          • Need for better tools/technology interconnection and capabilities
          • Need for scalable solutions
          • Cross-functional expertise and coordination required
          • Modification and removal of silos

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