As a cornerstone industry for LSI, the floor coverings market consistently has been a top 5 client.

As LSI has grown, so has our footprint in this market segment.

Carpet & Hardwood

Beginning with carpet, LSI has expanded with the industry and manufacturer needs to include hardwoods, tile, and some of the more highly engineered products of today.

For over 20 years, LSI’s experienced engineering team has had a long relationship with this industry segment. The floor coverings market has driven LSI into more advanced technologies such as robotics and vision.

Some of our expertise in this market include:
  • Yarn Extruders
  • Pelletizing Extruders
  • Process Lines
  • Robotic packaging
  • Automated Warehousing

With the ever-evolving need for more highly automated manufacturing lines to maintain their competitiveness, floor covering manufacturers have teamed with LSI to enhance their business.

Our long-standing relationships with these manufacturers speak to our experience and expertise in the floor covering market. LSI looks forward to continuing these relationships and growing along with our clients.

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