Whether your process demands continuous, batch, discrete, or hybrid applications, LSI is able to deliver exceptional solutions.

Providing the highest level of performance, flexibility, and ease of use at the lowest cost of ownership, our knowledge and experience help you increase productivity, improve quality & reduce costs.

Chemical Industry Experience

LSI has been addressing the needs of both continuous and batch processing operations for many years. Our track record shows that the services we offer assist chemical producers in achieving:

  • Consistent high quality
  • Higher yields
  • EPA approvals
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced operating costs


A continuous or batch chemical process can only be optimized through the effective use of precise process data and controls.

With the practical application of technology, both man and machine can readily make quick, accurate decisions. LSI has many years of experience in implementing automated control systems using technologies that range from simple single loop controllers to large, complex DCS systems.

Chemical production facilities typically have many areas that require different types of automation, including process, discrete, and hybrid control. Many companies specialize in one of these areas but do not have the resources or experience to implement all.

Logical Systems has always looked at how the entire plant operation works together, therefore LSI does not focus on just continuous or discrete processes alone.

LSI is fully capable of implementing continuous, batch, or “hybrid” control systems.


Another distinction to be made is in the realm of batch control.

Some batch operations are easily controlled in a PLC environment, while others benefit from the capability of a DCS or a separate ‘Batch’ program suite. Typically, the more flexible the production facility, the more likely batch orchestration becomes an advantage.

Not all engineering and integration firms have solid batch experience.

It takes skill, experience, and the technical know-how to determine the appropriate needs on a batch project, and the staff at LSI is abundant in all three. LSI has implemented S88 systems for batch processes, and certain S88 principles have been adopted into continuous processes as well.

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