LSI is a full-service engineering provider to the Oil and Gas industry.

We are able to offer EPC/Design-Build, system upgrades, complete control, RTU and SCADA reporting, Remotely Controlled Valves (RCVs), and other engineering needs that arise.

Oil and Gas Experience

With our experience of combining controls and engineering, we can offer comprehensive solutions to the Oil and Gas industry, including exploration and distribution.

Our specialties include:
  • Oil and Gas pipeline transmission controls
  • Compression systems
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Separators
  • Regulator stations
  • Control stations
  • Quality systems
  • Bulk holding facilities
  • Gathering and distribution systems
  • Data management systems (Including SCADA, Ignition, PI, SAP, etc.)
  • Remote systems control (Valves, sensors, monitors, meters, etc.)
  • Regulated systems
  • EPC service provider
  • Analytical instrumentation systems
  • Custody transfer systems

Team Approach

Our team of Oil and Gas project managers, engineers, and construction managers are well versed in the needs of the industry.

We understand reliable, maintainable and well-controlled systems are the base requirements of Oil and Gas facilities and transmission. Our engineers and construction team are experienced in designing and constructing facilities, control systems and operable units with the end results in mind: A reliable, continually operating system that delivers product safely and consistently.

We also understand that governmental regulations can be costly.

We work with you to upgrade or retrofit existing systems to meet industry requirements in budget. With quick turnarounds and worry-free startups, LSI is able to quickly and efficiently solve any situations that arise.

Bringing the same passion seen in our industrial controls to our process and mechanical engineering, we are motivated to grow with the ever-changing needs of your company and the industry. Providing a seamless process for your next project is our goal.

No matter how large or small your project may be, LSI is ready to help.

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