Called to Serve

LSI gets involved in the communityOne of Logical Systems’ core values is the importance of making the world a better place for us all.

We believe it takes every individual applying himself/herself to the aid of others to make the impact needed. All employees at LSI are given up to one week paid time off each year to volunteer for charitable causes. Employees are encouraged to reach outside of their own interests to serve the larger community.

National Impact

LSI at Houston Summer CampThis past year in Houston, Texas, several groups from Oklahoma and Tennessee came together to work with inner-city children with the Impact Youth Summer Program.

This program engages youth through “daily programs involving Bible lessons and activities, singing, literacy classes, field trips, service projects, camps, and many other daily activities.” ( The program is meant to encourage inner city kids to improve their literacy and grow in faith.

Approximately 300 children, ages 4-11, participated in the program.

The children were divided into age groups and then further divided into smaller reading classes of about 10. After the reading lesson, the participants were served lunch that was provided by the Houston Food Bank, and then the groups rotated through various Bible-themed stations that included drama, puppets, crafts, games, and a snack.

LSI gets involved at Houston Summer CampOn Tuesday afternoon, LSI’s volunteers took the kids on a field trip to the Children’s Museum of Houston.

Each child has a story, and many of them are very sad. The hope is that the volunteers were able to help the children see that they are important and there is love and good in the world.

Also while in Houston, LSI’s group went to visit and have devotional time with the residents of Independence Hall, an apartment complex for low-income seniors, the elderly, and/or handicapped.

International Impact

LSI donates to CLAPAI OrphanageAt the CLAPAI Orphanage in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, one of LSI’s employees delivered donated laptops to the children.

These laptops were intended to help teach the kids how to type with some preinstalled software. They were also used to provide help to the older kids in the orphanage to improve what they may already know about computers.

LSI donates to CLAPAI Orphanage, Nigeria

The children were also presented with books to read, notebooks, and writing materials for them to practice writing as well as take notes during their classes.

CLAPAI is located in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria with a population of 900,000. Many of these 900,000 suffer from HIV/AIDS, and a substantial number of the kids in this orphanage are kids whose parents died from this disease. There are also a number of children who have lost their parents due to the religious conflicts that have risen in Plateau State since September 2001.

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