While everyone wants to feel successful, we recognize that each individual defines success in their own way. Whether it’s a level of income, being part of a team, or the satisfaction of knowing you created a strategy that saved a customer millions of dollars, it all involves personal growth and fulfillment.

At LSI we assist and challenge our employees to grow and expand their horizons so that each one can achieve their own personal definition of success.

What We Offer

Personal career growth may come in the form of training, but in most cases it comes from a special collaboration between professionals, where new ideas come together while helping our clients create superior quality products, increase production rates, or decrease costs.

In many cases, you will work on projects utilizing a process or system that is different from anything you have seen before. This can be both challenging and exciting – Imagine helping a paper mill troubleshoot a problem that is causing downtime worth $500,000 an hour, or writing new batch control software for a major brand brownie mix operation, or supporting the installation of a US company’s expansion to China or Taiwan.

Available Positions

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