Our Reputation

Since its founding in 1985, LSI has built a reputation as a top quality systems integrator in the field of industrial automated control systems integration.

In fact, LSI is recognized by a major automation supplier as one of the top 10 systems integrators in the country. LSI is involved in various types of projects using an array of technologies. These projects almost always utilize systems such as Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), sensing devices, motion control, and variable frequency drives. In addition, software applications assist with a broad range of needs such as real-time controller programming, design, simulation, operator interfaces, process historization, product tracking, and data reporting.

Our Skill Sets

With a staff of field hardened and experienced engineers, LSI can offer customers the benefits of knowledge gained and lessons learned.

Whether upgrading an out of date system, expanding current operations, migrating to a new platform, or starting from the ground floor, we have the ability to create real value by cutting costs, increasing efficiencies, and creating higher quality standards by blending our expertise in technologies with your expertise of process.

Through hundreds of successful projects, we’ve equipped our customers with a competitive edge they need to succeed. Our customers have pushed us into new and exciting technologies and disciplines allowing us to expand our knowledge and capabilities. Many of today’s automation projects require vast skill sets from electrical to mechanical to chemical engineering. Bringing these disciplines together, LSI is uniquely situated to help customers with their varied and specific needs.

Our Footprint

LSI has a significant market presence in:

  • Continuous Processes Controls (Paper and Chemicals)
  • Batch Programming (Food and Beverage, Specialty chemical)
  • Applications (Real time machine control)
  • Sanitary Systems Control (Piping, Matrix valves, CIP)

LSI Can Help You

Let LSI listen to your challenges today, and we’ll work together to write a success story for you.

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