LSI understands the importance of producing polymers in a faithful, stable & efficient manner & takes this into consideration when developing your control and information systems.

Setting ourselves apart from other engineering firms, we are able to change with technologies while understanding the restrains of tight budgets.

Support for Polymer Manufacturing

Polymers are used in everyday items that you come in contact with more than you can imagine — from the contents of the clothes you wear to the parts in the cars you drive.

LSI has the experience of working with facilities that produce these polymers that are used in many of the products that you use every day.

Understanding the proprietary of the product and being able to change with the times and doing so in an effective way while understanding the restraints of a budget for this type of operations is what sets LSI apart from other engineering firms. LSI has the experience in this industry to support the installation of new systems and the modification to existing operations.

Installation of New Systems

From installations of a new bulk handling system to installation of new production lines, we are able to integrate these systems into daily operations with minimum impact to production.

LSI has the experience of working with different OEM vendors and integrating the overall controls to best meet the customer needs.

Modification to Operations

We have experience with modifications to existing operations such as extruder upgrades, control upgrades, and information system upgrades.

With the evolving needs of the product, LSI can implement the changes required while minimizing overall downtime and loss of production.

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