LSI utilizes our expertise in process control across a number of different industries and applies this extensive knowledge to Water and Wastewater projects which have proven to be the winning approach.

Wastewater Experience

LSI has many successful project executions in the Water and Wastewater segment.

We have completed many projects including:

  • Oxidation Ditch control
  • Standard Aeration basin control
  • System-Wide RTU upgrades
  • Complete Plant upgrades
  • Automated remote site well projects

As governmental regulations become more stringent and local utility budgets tighten their belts, LSI has increased our footprint to allow utilities to do more with less:

  • Automatically generated environmental reports save utility resources;
  • Highly automated dialers can save utilities on labor and, more importantly, potential violations; and
  • Integrated Camera systems allow the same work to be completed by fewer people.

Our Approach

Responding to the increasing effect of power and energy costs on municipalities, LSI has increased our footprint in traditional SCADA projects to include highly automated MCCs and Switchboards.

Logging power data has proven to be invaluable for utility managers.

LSI has also been successful in improving maintenance costs by setting baseline data that can be used for later comparison. This data, along with traditional run-time meters, can help utility managers be proactive in their maintenance approach.

LSI believes this segment of our business is a major key to future success, and we look forward to working with additional utility companies to provide complete automation solutions for their needs.
  • Consistent high quality
  • Higher yields
  • EPA approvals
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced operating costs

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