GE provides powerful, reliable control operations, and LSI understands how to help GE smart hardware work even smarter.

At LSI, we want our customers to get the most from their critical assets. To accomplish that goal, we often utilize GE’s line of programmable automation controllers and HMI/SCADA systems. Our knowledgable team of engineers and systems integrators understand the most powerful and productive combinations of GE smart hardware and analytics to drive greater throughput and profitability. Let LSI listen to your challenges, and we’ll make the most of GE controls for your facility. 

GE Capabilities

  • PACSystems RX3i 330 CPU
  • PACSystems RX3i CPL410
  • PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE100
  • RX3i CPE 400
  • VersaMax controllers
  • HMI software design
  • Control system design
  • Control system integration, process automation
  • QuickPanel+
  • iFIX
  • GE Historian
  • PACSystems RX3i CRU320
  • PAC8000
  • Series 90-30 and 90-70 controllers
  • Series 90-30 and 90-70 controllers, upgrade RX3i


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