LSI works with both surface and underground facilities to accommodate the constantly evolving facilities.

High-quality design and implementation maximize final product quality, leading to a lower-impact, higher-margin facility.

Mining Experience

The underground network of power and controls is a constantly changing system that maintains critical monitoring and control for personnel safety, operations, and underground maintenance.

System design and implementation are critical as it will expand and contract as the mining exploration changes course throughout the life of the mine.

Above ground in the process refining, LSI excels at delivering value-added process mechanical and control upgrades, power system design and monitoring, and facility integration while maintaining critical process throughput.

Control system upgrades are taking the place of outdated and troublesome relay logic driven panels, providing for higher visibility, on the fly process changes, and precise system control.

Mining facilities utilize a breadth of PLC and DCS controls to operate:
  • Conveying Systems
  • Material Processing
  • Milling Systems
  • Packing Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Waste treatment/removal
Power distribution and monitoring of high consumption plants include:
  • Low and medium voltage distribution
  • Motor protection and monitoring
  • Arc Flash analysis
  • Lighting design

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