Health, Safety & Environmental

At LSI, our employees are our most valuable resource, so maintaining a safe work environment and culture that protects and promotes the well-being of everyone who works for us is our top priority.

The foundation of our safety program is established on proven health, safety, and environmental regulatory and industry standards. We apply the best management practices and training principles for continuous improvement of our HS&E program. In addition, when performing work on client sites, LSI employees acknowledge and adhere to its clients’ site-specific HS&E policies.

LSI is proud of its safety performance and understands it is only an accomplishment that can happen when everyone operates with guiding principles that promote safety and an accident-free workplace.


We have established a team approach dedicated to safety, and we promote the belief that our employees have the responsibility to exercise Stop Work Authority as a proactive process in mitigating HS&E risks at work and when performing work on our clients’ jobsites.

LSI strives for safety excellence, and we are diligent about maintaining our safety culture when choosing contractors for our projects.

We have developed a comprehensive contractor safety qualification survey which reviews contractor safety performance, statistics, training, and management oversight. Safety is everyone’s responsibility on a project, and LSI strives to utilize only those contractors who have a total commitment to safety.


LSI partners with its clients and participates in their contractor/supplier management organizations. We are proud to note that we are 100% compliant with all participating client requirements, and we have remained in good standing with the ISNetworld, Browz, and PICS organizations and our clients for many years

LSI is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint while conserving resources, increasing company-wide recycling efforts, and reducing landfill waste.

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