Multiple projects with many of the major steel and metals producers across the US has allowed LSI to garner a depth of knowledge and experience within the many facets of the metals industry.

Metals Industry Experience

LSI has worked in the metals industry since 1995.

Our project experience includes aluminum and steel manufacturers, foundries, and recycling. Many of our senior engineers have backgrounds in the metals industry and are actively engaged in projects related to metals.

From bars or beams, sheets or scrap, LSI has the metals industry experience to help your company.

Our design work, specifications, and PLC or DCS control systems has resulted in successful projects in the metals industry dealing with following areas:

  • Furnaces
  • Bag House
  • Casting
  • Melt Shop
  • Annealing
  • Bar Handling
  • Others

Greenfield to Automation Upgrades

LSI has partnered with the leading metals producers and recyclers in both new facility construction as well as upgrading the aging infrastructure within the industry.

It is no secret that production is money and uptime is key to companies who produce and recycle the country’s metals. As such there any many mills operating on legacy and discontinued automation hardware and aging electrical infrastructure. LSI understands the value of uptime and can tailor plant upgrades to align with limited production outages.

By planning, testing and capitalizing on opportunities to complete pre-shutdown installation and wiring, LSI can achieve maximum results with minimal downtime to efficiently upgrade controls, HMIs and power distribution gear with minimal impact to operations.

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