LSI has implemented dual language Production MES applications tightly integrated to an ERP to provide timely plant floor data while creating critical real time business transactions.

Full production history with product genealogy minimizes negative exposure from product recalls and improves cost of goods sold.

Continuous Improvement

LSI has worked with manufacturing plants to increase throughput, improve product consistency, decrease time to market, reduce errors, and create a foundation for optimization while linking plant and corporate functions to improve productivity and communication.

  • Facilitate Business and Operations / Process Reviews to identify opportunities and generate a Manufacturing Strategy Roadmap.
  • Define an Enterprise Data Infrastructure that integrates data for the process and business experts to enable agile and efficient Business Processes and timely and proactive manufacturing decisions.
  • Construct common Business Processes and Manufacturing applications leveraging real time and historical information.
  • Manage the Change Process to deliver the projected result.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

LSI has assisted manufacturing plants with optimizing their production output by using Lean Manufacturing and TPM fundamentals that result in the following:

  • Identification of Downtime reasons and root causes
  • Reduction of Downtime occurrences and durations
  • Elimination of idle and minor stoppages
  • Improvement of operational speeds and throughput
  • Optimization of product yield

Quality Control Systems

LSI has provided manufacturing facilities with the necessary tools and information to ensure that their product adheres to a defined set of quality standards or meets the requirements of their client or customer.

manufacturing-systems-quality-controlThe quality systems implemented by LSI have:

  • Improved product quality
  • Provided consistent quality levels of raw materials
  • Reduced product claims
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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