Our electrical engineers and designers have a wide range of experience across many industries. With decades of combined electrical power systems experience, LSI’s team draws on a wealth of knowledge to understand and solve our client’s power challenges.

Core Capabilities

Power Distribution Design

  • Confidence comes from knowing that the electrical service for your equipment or facility is sized correctly. LSI’s power distribution design team ensures that our client’s power systems have the quality and performance needed for success. From design, installation, checkout, and start-up, we are here to help.

Electrical Control Room (ECR) Design/Redesign Services

  • New ECR Design
      • Optimized room layout for Motor Control Center (MCC) design and installation
      • Heat loading and HVAC requirements
      • Lighting and instrument panels
      • Transformer sizing
      • Uninterruptable Power Source (UPS) sizing
  • Existing ECR
      • Design MCC to fit space available
      • Determine necessary changes for HVAC, power, UPS, etc.

Field Audits

  • LSI Field Audit
    LSI Field Audit

    Does your industrial facility no longer match your electrical drawings? LSI routinely provides clients with field audits along with updated or new electrical drawings.

  • Steps of a field audit:
      • Meet with client to determine the scope of the project
        • Identify equipment that requires a drawing update
        • Review/collect any existing documentation (drawings, spreadsheets, etc.) from initial plant commissioning or other projects
      • Schedule on-site visit
        • Walkthrough to take photos and gather information on equipment, breakers, and cable sizing
    • Provide updated Single Line Diagram (SLD)

Comprehensive Services and Support

  • Complete electrical project engineering, estimating, and scheduling for new installations or modifications of existing systems
  • Field audits of existing systems with improvement recommendations
      • Having a clear picture of your existing systems and configuration is critical for planning and making improvements.
  • New construction support including checkout, and start-up
      • When it is time to bring new installs online, LSI is there with you throughout the process to ensure there is a smooth transition.
  • Single line electrical diagrams (SLD)
    • An SLD is a critical piece of information to assure proper maintenance and safety practices within your facility. Our electrical design team creates or updates SLDs to facilitate a complete picture of your electrical distribution infrastructure.
      • LSI provides SLDs in Autocad, EasyPower, and other client-preferred formats.


  • Facility electrical power distribution systems
      • From utility transformer to the last electrical user in the plant
  • Motor control center (MCC) layouts
  • Branch circuit layouts & panel scheduling
  • Fault current and coordination studies
      • Time-Current Curve - Click to zoom
        TCC – Click to zoom

        Time-Current Curves (TCC)

  • Electrical floor plan layouts
  • Electrical check-out & start-up
  • System troubleshooting
  • System documentation of existing systems
  • Electrical gear and installation services procurement support
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost estimating

Work with LSI

Modified MCCWe understand that plant engineers often don’t have the time or resources to handle large projects. LSI starts every project with listening. Rather than assume we know what you need, we take the time to understand your goals and business drivers clearly. By combining our understanding and electrical service knowledge, we can deliver simple, robust, and easy-to-maintain solutions.

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