LSI provides complete Process Control / Process Automation solutions to customers in a wide spectrum of industries and has a proven track record of success.

Whether you’re updating an existing facility or designing a greenfield project, count on us for process control / process automation solutions.

Design & Implementation

LSI can provide an array of services for the design of process control projects, including:

  • P&ID creation or modification, including field verification
  • Material and energy mass balance
  • Process flow diagrams/SAMA diagrams
  • Process analysis
  • Control system architecture
  • Functional Descriptions or Control Logic Diagrams
  • Instrumentation Specification
  • Control valve and Relief valve sizing
  • Interlock design and SIL validation
  • Process Hazard Analysis participation
  • Mechanical engineering and piping design
  • And much more

In addition to design for process control projects, LSI can provide all detailed engineering services, control system configuration, programming, project management, and construction management to see an idea through to completion.

Optimization & Consulting

Through experience, we look at the entire process and all of the many components to identify the source of problems and the areas of opportunity.

offering-process-control-solutionsMany times a “programming” or “tuning” issue is actually a problem with the process, instruments, or control valves. Let us provide insight for your process control problems and opportunities.

There are many processes that were properly designed from a chemical and mechanical standpoint that have less than optimal control strategies applied in the PLC/DCS. LSI can provide recommendations for control improvement.

Loop Tuning

In some cases proper control strategies are being applied, but loop tuning is required.

LSI uses the Lambda tuning method to achieve the optimum tuning parameters for regulatory control loops. For more difficult loops, we have the ability to use high-speed data collection equipment to identify issues with a control loop and suggest optimum tuning parameters.

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