The key to successful project implementation is a great team, and that team starts with great Project Management.

We have a top notch team of Project Managers capable of managing anything from small, single-discipline projects to multi-million dollar, multi-discipline projects.

Management Methods

LSI knows that every project is unique.

No matter how straightforward or complex your project may be, ensuring a successful outcome requires attention to managing three distinct areas:

1. Scope

2. Schedule

3. Cost

There is an overarching, universal truth for every project: If the project does not perform as well as meet the business’s needs, nothing else matters. The ability to deliver world-class performance is what has made LSI so successful over the years. Our Project Managers partner with you and your business to ensure a successful outcome by managing Scope, Schedule, and Cost, and doing so safely. At the end of the day, one thing can always be said for LSI: We Deliver.



The key to successful Project Management/Project Execution begins with a clearly defined and agreed upon scope of work.

project-managementThe better that the scope is understood by the business and the project team, the more successful the project will be. It is just as important for everyone involved to understand what the scope includes as it is to understand what the scope excludes. Our team of PM’s are seasoned professionals who are experienced with front end engineering design and understand the importance of a clearly defined scope. They will work very hard with your team to precisely define and then manage to that scope of work.


The second key area is the schedule.

  • When does this project need to be completed and placed in-service?
  • What is the business driver?
  • What are all of the pieces of this project?
  • What are the constraints and the interdependencies?
  • Are there long-lead items, permit issues, etc.?
  • Is it Greenfield or Brownfield?
  • Are we working around production?

It is critical to understand the constraints and timing needs of a project as early as possible to ensure a successful outcome at the lowest total cost. Our Project Managers “Plan the work, and then work the plan.”


Understanding the scope and the schedule then allows for effective cost management.

We strive to manage the cost of every project as if it were our hard-earned money being spent. We seek to offer multiple solutions to unexpected situations. Our goal for every project is to provide maximum value, not to spend the budget.

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