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-Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence-

Join us on a journey down memory lane as we pay homage to the remarkable PLC-5, a true titan in the world of industrial automation with over 450,000 installed worldwide during its peak in the 1990s. Despite being discontinued in 2017, countless installations are still in operation today or in the process of being replaced. Before it gracefully fades from view, we are excited to embark on a farewell tour that commemorates its unparalleled legacy.

The History

1986 Introduction of the PLC-5The PLC-5 made its debut in 1986, forever changing the landscape of industrial automation. Developed by Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), this groundbreaking programmable logic controller was a major technological advancement over previous PLCs. It had a faster processor, more memory, and a wider range of I/O modules than earlier models. It also introduced a number of new features, such as online editing, data logging, and remote communications. Its ability to withstand harsh industrial environments and reliably control intricate processes quickly positioned it as an indispensable industrial control platform worldwide.

As industries evolved, so did the PLC-5. With each iteration, it harnessed the latest technology to meet the ever-expanding demands of industrial control. The positive impact was significant because the PLC-5’s adaptable nature made it the go-to choice for complex automation tasks across virtually every industry. Its role in enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime solidified its place as an iconic figure in industrial history.

A Resounding Success

PLC5StrongWith a track record spanning decades, the PLC-5’s success cannot be overstated. It enabled industries to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, and its reliability was unmatched, providing peace of mind to countless engineers and operators who depended on its performance. From small-scale applications to sprawling industrial complexes, the PLC-5 became synonymous with progress. Talk to anyone familiar with the PLC-5, and you will likely hear the expression “built like a tank” or “bulletproof” at some point in the conversation.

The success of the PLC-5 stands as a testament to the talented engineers that developed the technology! Join us as we salute the PLC-5 and the transformative impact it had on industrial process control.

Join the Celebration

PLC5FWTLogoAs we bid farewell to the PLC-5, we invite you to be a part of this historic celebration. Follow us on social media as we share memories and humor about the PLC-5 —LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Are you still using a PLC-5?

PLC-5 Migration Path DecisionsWe’ve upgraded hundreds, if not thousands, of PLC-5s and are ready to help you evaluate your process and migrate to newer technology. Check out our PLC-5 Migration Paths page to better understand your options.

Curious how we work? Read our PLC ≡ RIGHT process that details how we approach PLC migrations regardless of brand and complexity. LSI Listens.

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