Data Intelligence: Start understanding, documenting, and leveraging the value of your data.

Our Data Intelligence team focuses on developing systems for the collection of vital manufacturing-related data, and the analysis and reporting of that data.

Whether through data mining of large historical data sets, the analysis of real-time data, or the use of predictive analytics, LSI’s Data Intelligence services can help users get the information needed to improve processes, improve reliability and safety, and reduce cost. Through the use of visualization tools, our team’s services help our clients more easily understand complex information and trends, and to develop the needed automated reports to help clients more effectively run and optimize their manufacturing process.


Data Intelligence Services and Support

Property of OSIsoft
  • Data Historian
  • System Architecture
  • System Upgrade, Installation, and Configuration
  • System Administration
  • OSIsoft®
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • OEE / Downtime Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking
  • Data Visualization and Contextual Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Dark Data Analysis
  • Real-Time and Predictive Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • IIoT System Integration

Data Analytics

Property of OSIsoft
  • OSIsoft
  • FactoryTalk® Analytics
  • PTC ThingWorx
  • RtDuet by RtTech Software
  • Compression Insight
  • Sisense
  • Viziya
  • Aspentech
  • Falkonry
  • Splunk

Data Historian / Database

  • OSIsoft
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk® Historian
  • DeltaV Continuous Historian
  • Ignition by Inductive Automation
  • Wonderware Historian
  • HarperDB
  • GE Proficy
  • Siemens SIMATIC
  • Canary

Visualization, Reporting & Notification

Property of OSIsoft
  • OSIsoft® PI Datalink
  • OSIsoft® PI Vision
  • OSIsoft® PI ProcessBook
  • Ignition by Inductive Automation
  • FactoryTalk® Vantage Point
  • Sisense
  • Viziya
  • HarperDB
  • Falkonry
  • Wonderware
  • GE iFix
  • InfoBatch
  • Canary Axiom

Custom Solutions

  • Programming Design
  • Coding (C, C++, C#, VBA, VB.Net, Angular JS, Node JS, Python, etc.)
  • Collaboration Skills (Agile, Scrum)
  • Database (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
  • Networking (IT/OT Bridging Protocols)
  • Database Design/Reporting
  • Web-Based Design & Reporting
  • RESTful Web Services

Accredited Resources

  • PI System Installation Specialist Level 100
  • PI System Infrastructure Specialist
  • Ignition v7.9 Certification
  • FactoryTalk® Analytics
  • FactoryTalk® Historian
  • Wonderware Developer
  • GE Proficy




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LSI’s Data Intelligence team has developed partnerships with several leading software companies to develop a greater competency in the use of their tools, and to develop a close working relationship with these vendors, so that we may more effectively support the needs of our clients.

Data Intelligence Partners

Are you ready to put LSI’s Data Intelligence team to work, proactively shaping your manufacturing and production data? Make the most of your OSIsoft, Rockwell FactoryTalk Historian, Ignition or other data historians. Contact LSI today.

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