Get more value from your OSIsoft® PI system with a comprehensive assessment from LSI.

Industries around the globe rely on OSIsoft’s PI data management platform for real-time operations data and insights. But are they getting the ROI and system performance that they expected from day one? Underutilization or misconfiguration of this powerful platform is common and as a result, the benefits of using the PI system are often not fully realized. That’s why LSI has a focused approach to solving these problems with our assessment and optimization service team. The result is a clear path to getting the most out of your investment and as much help as you need implementing the recommended changes.

Overall Assessment Objectives

LSI’s complete OSIsoft® PI system assessment will provide:

  • A detailed review of the existing PI System infrastructure, configuration, performance and security, via an on-site assessment with an experienced Data Intelligence resource
  • Creation of a comprehensive PI Assessment Report, that provides insight into strengths and gaps of the existing system, including prioritized recommendations with clear, actionable steps
  • A roadmap for improved performance and utilization of the client’s PI System investment
  • Details to determine which remediation items can be executed by the client themselves, and which could be executed with the assistance of LSI
  • Access to LSI’s expert OSIsoft® PI professionals for remote and on-site support, as your PI System needs evolve

Assessment Deliverables

LSI OI LogoLSI’s operational intelligence team performs the following services when performing PI System assessments:

  • Pre-assessment review meeting (typically via conference call)
      • Confirm onsite requirements — system details, stakeholders, and safety requirements
  • Assessment of existing software:
      • Software version inventory
          • PI Server, PI Client, and PI Interfaces
      • License utilization assessment
  • Configuration and performance assessment includes:
      • Architecture review
      • Inventory of hardware and OS
      • Review of system logs
      • Check of system performance metrics
      • Analyze existing security model
      • Review high availability options
      • Audit PI Tag configuration
      • Review of backup and restore procedures
  • Analyze third-party or custom applications
  • System administration practices review
  • Final assessment report and presentation detailing the findings and recommendations

For a Successful Assessment

Client to provide:

  • Assigned technical resources that can grant system access and answer technical questions while LSI is onsite during the assessment
  • A list of nodes to be included in the assessment
  • An updated network architecture drawing
  • Access to system users to answer questions about current and future state applications
  • Safety training and equipment if required

Why Choose LSI

LSI OSIsoft Premier PartnerAs an OSIsoft® Premier Partner with a global footprint, LSI brings certified knowledge and domain experience from multiple industries.  Multiple team members having 10+ years of OSIsoft PI experience under their belts has helped LSI develop an extensive portfolio of OSIsoft® PI best practices. Read our full list of OSIsoft® PI capabilities here.

The LSI team includes engineering professionals with the following accreditation:

How We Work

We start each project engagement by listening and understanding our client’s desired business outcome. With this understanding, we can provide an assessment that equips the client with an actionable plan to improve their platform themselves or with continued assistance from LSI.

How To Get Started

Let’s have a conversation. Call 877-735-6905 and ask for one of our OSIsoft® PI Assessment experts or submit a request through our online form and we will call you back. LSI Listens.

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