Operational Intelligence with LSI: Using your data to make meaningful decisions, quickly, to improve profitability.

Operational Intelligence is the collection, processing and utilization of data to make manufacturing and production decisions, and the keeping of this information and the various systems secure. The scope and functionality of a Operational Intelligence system can vary greatly. A part of this could be the utilization of an Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and/or the leveraging of data analytics for tasks such as reporting, monitoring OEE, or the implementation of a predictive maintenance solution.

Data can come from many sources, on its way to an internal database, or even the cloud. Analytics of that data can be applied at the edge, in the database, and in the cloud. As such, solutions for Operational Intelligence are customized to the needs of each user. And with all the connected devices, data storage, and operations capabilities influenceable over the network, the requirements for cybersecurity has increased drastically. Given the challenges, risks, variation in user needs, and the potential for complexity, the proper selection of a knowledgeable and experienced system integrator is a must.

LSI began its service to our clients in 1985, initially focused in controls and automation. Over time, our clients’ needs came to include MES solutions, and we now have expanded to include Operational Intelligence solutions and the cybersecurity needs that come with these systems. Whether your needs are the implementation of more basic data analytics solutions, or your firm desires are to fully embrace the Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0 concept, LSI’s experience and team is ready to support you.

Data Intelligence   ICS/OT Cybersecurity

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)


Operational Intelligence Services and Support

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  • Traceability/Genealogy
  • ERP Information Integration
  • Recipe Management
  • OEE
  • Notifications (e.g., via MTQQ)
  • Production / Sales Orders / Inventory

Advanced Data Analytics

  • Visualization
  • Reporting
  • Intelligent Alarming
  • OEE
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Data Historian/Database

Cloud Services/Connectivity

  • Connected Services
  • Hosted Solutions

Smart Sensors

  • Edge Devices & Analytics
  • Wireless Sensors


  • Control System Network Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Partnerships And Certifications

LSI not only understands the tools and platforms necessary to successfully implement Operational Intelligence solutions, our expertise in industry-leading technology, our domain experience, and our partnerships with the world’s leaders in Industrial IoT technology solutions makes LSI the best choice for supporting your Operational Intelligence needs, and allows us to provide the solution that’s right for your unique needs.

Operational Intelligence Partnerships & Certifications

Experienced Service Provider

We understand that it’s not about the quantity of data, but the quality of the data and how quickly you can determine the proper actions to take to improve your operational efficiency, safety, and quality. LSI’s team of Operational Intelligence experts is experienced in working across clients’ organizations, and with a wide range of technology and vendor products, bringing OT data to IT systems for rapid decision making, and in implementing the security needed to help protect clients’ data and their systems.

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