LSI has provided construction management services for clients in the Food & Beverage, Mining, Pulp & Paper, and Natural Gas Transmission industries.

Our depth of experience ranges from complete site management & EPC to performing the role of owner’s agents to providing technical oversight of installation contractors.

Technical Management

For decades LSI has provided the technical oversight for field installation for our customers.

construction-managementOften time the customer prefers to manage the schedule and commercial aspects of the installation effort. LSI can then fill the gaps by providing the technical and engineering oversight to ensure the installation crews have all of the technical questions resolved in the most efficient means possible.

This is typically extremely valuable in those retrofit projects in a brownfield plant where demolition and site-clearing activities need to occur during tight downtime windows of opportunity. One of the most important success criteria for these kinds of efforts is a very short period for startup, where it is required to make on spec. product at design rate very quickly.

Site Management

LSI has proven experience executing complete projects, managing all site resources and meeting the quality, schedule, cost, and safety requirements needed for successful project delivery.

We customize our construction management approach for each project to match the customer’s needs and level of involvement.

Our capabilities include:
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating and Cost Control
  • Managing the Technical Responsibility for Contractors/ Construction
  • Managing the Commercial Responsibility for Contractors/ Construction
  • Contractor Pre-qualification
  • Complete Procurement including Site Material Management/ Procurement Coordination
  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Site/Project Safety Administration
  • Change and Trend Management
  • Project Accounts Payable

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