LSI works hard to choose only students of the highest caliber for its annual engineering scholarship. A recent letter from the scholarship’s most current recipient shows that this attention to character has paid off. Erica Thomas, currently attending Christian Brothers University, exuded maturity and class as she thanked the employees at LSI for helping her to realize her dream.

“As appropriate as the words ‘thank you’ may be, they fall short of expressing the depth of my gratitude ,” she says in her letter. “Without your help, I could not have dreamt of affording CBU’s tuition. However, because of you, I now imagine countless possibilities …”

Thomas goes on to personally thank some of the LSI family who have volunteered to help her succeed in her pursuit of an engineering degree, either by answering her questions (Denardo Crawford) or tutoring her for her classes (Brandon Brookenthal). “It’s great to hear how LSI’s support helps these students to thrive,” says Brookenthal, a mechanical engineer at LSI. “I’m grateful myself to be able to play a part in their journey.”

“Receiving a letter like this makes all of the time and effort we put into our scholarship fund worthwhile,” adds Crawford, an LSI controls engineer. “Our goal is to help promising students become successful engineers, and feedback like this proves that we’re making a positive impact.”

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