Congratulations to Soldier Canyon Water Treatment Authority in Fort Collins, CO! Engineering News-Record recently awarded them the Rocky Mountain Region 2022 Best Project for their Filter Expansion Project.

LSI values Soldier Canyon as a long-term client and was honored to be part of the North Plant Expansion!

Client Feedback

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Recently a member of Soldier Canyon’s Controls and Automation Team reached out and shared some feedback about their experience working with LSI. To receive the following feedback directly from a client is humbling, rewarding, and a testament to the commitment of the LSI team to client success.

  • When LSI says they listen, that is a fact. They understand our process first before making suggestions.
  • On the North Plant Expansion, when we ran the full capacity test, that had to be the smoothest test after startup that I’ve ever witnessed in my life. We were all staged to respond to alarms, and nothing happened.
  • From a value standpoint, we feel like we are getting the better part of the deal.
  • LSI does not oversell and doesn’t push any specific product or platform. The approach is refreshing and inviting.
  • LSI doesn’t force a rigid structure on us. If we have changes, they’ll work with us on schedule.
  • LSI learns new products so they can support us vs. pushing us towards something else.
  • We rely on Ted Cookson’s advice. If Ted has a hint of concern about something we want to do, we defer to him.
  • LSI stays close to us – it’s like they are part of our family.
  • You treat us like a company across the street with local support.
  • Communication is excellent. Very responsive and always keeping us informed about what is going on.

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