Multiple TornadosOn March 31, 2023, destructive tornados touched down in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, leaving a trail of devastation. The storms caused widespread damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure, and many families were left homeless or without power. Covington, TN, was one of the communities impacted by an EF3 tornado. In the midst of the crisis, our employees Charles Garner and Aulbree Witherspoon stepped up to provide crucial support to those in need and help the community get back on its feet.

Charles volunteered with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization, helping clear trees and limbs from homes and helping homeowners pick up personal belongings from what was left of their homes. Charles was one of the lucky ones in the area, with the tornado passing within a few hundred yards of his home. After seeing the destruction and the suffering of those affected, he said, “Take a minute and put yourself in one of these pictures. Remember, be grateful for what you have because you can lose everything in a matter of seconds.”

Aulbree and her father were directed to one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods in Covington by the Munford First United Methodist Church. Upon arrival, they helped a homeowner move cinder blocks from the area that was once a carport. Then it was over to the donation center where volunteers were desperately needed to help distribute personal hygiene products to residents.

Charles and Aulbree — thank you for your selflessness and dedication; you are an inspiration to us all.


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