Watch this webinar to see how Jolene Baker and James Bronstein are using Falkonry to harness advanced pattern recognition.

In 2018, we began what can only be described as a predictive analytic journey using an advanced pattern recognition tool known as Falkonry. This software helped us to complete the pattern recognition with ease when compared to the alternative: utilizing a combination of statistical tools and the PI Asset Framework. Interestingly enough, our team discovered that the most difficult part of the journey was answering two questions: “What is Falkonry telling us?” and “How do we translate this information into something real-time and operational?” In the end, the team developed a process and solution that answers both of these questions. Here at LSI we are currently testing and working to implement this solution, and the project is nearing the finish line.

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About Jolene Baker
Before joining LSI, Jolene Baker was the PI Specialist for a soda ash mine in southwestern Wyoming. She became a Project/Process Engineer with the mine in 2014 (after spending 10 years with a software Roof Truss Engineering Design firm). Baker is passionate about real-time DATA Analytics, IoT and predictive analysis.

About James Bronstein
James Bronstein is an Engineering Superintendent with 15-plus years of experience in chemical industries, including 11 years in the soda ash industry. He has experience in trouble shooting, research, design and implementation of systems with aspiration, fluids, steam and condensate, combustion, controls, mass and energy balances, conveying, equipment customization, and new process chemistry. He enjoys fieldwork and working with teams to improve the plant and process.

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