In late 2020, OSIsoft announced the retirement of PI ProcessBook and published an end-of-support timeline as follows:

End-of-Sale* Security Updates / Fixes Support Deadline** End-of-Support**
12/31/2021 12/31/2022 12/31/2024
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For over 25 years, PI ProcessBook (PB) has displayed PI or Asset Framework Server data graphically for monitoring and comparison purposes. When end-users needed more complex functionality, custom VB scripts were often developed in PI ProcessBook to meet their needs. An optional SQC add-in provided control chart, histogram, and western electric rule support for PI ProcessBook display files. With the end-of-support date identified, and OSIsoft focusing their development investment on PI Vision, clients are evaluating their options for migration.

Migration Utility & Challenges

To assist end-users, OSIsoft provides a PI ProcessBook to PI Vision Migration Utility. This utility is best suited for those that have implemented the basic functionality of PI ProcessBook.

However, many users will find that they are not able to use the migration utility to simply migrate their existing screens & functionality to PI Vision. (OSIsoft provides an extensive list of migration limitations on their website). To do so, they will need a deep understanding of PI Processbook, PI Vision, coding, etc., and time to migrate the screens one by one.  As well, time will be needed to review and test the converted screens to ensure proper functionality and accurate results.

End-users with limited internal resources or those that developed VB scripts in ProcessBook and/or relied on the SQC add-in are likely to face migration challenges that will require migration support.

Planning for End-of-Support

Migrating from an aging software platform takes time and effort to ensure that stakeholders’ needs are met.

Fortunately, there is a solution for those who can not simply rely on the migration tool or those who lack the internal resources to use the migration utility and test/verify the new PI Vision screens.

LSI OSIsoft Premier PartnerAs an OSIsoft Premier Partner, LSI understands the challenges and can use our extensive experience (PI ProcessBook, PI Vision, custom coding, etc.) to help our clients navigate the migration process while working closely with OSIsoft.

Whether the issue is lack of internal resources to use the migration tool to migrate to PI Vision, the time needed to test and verify accurate functionality of the new screens, or the many situations where the migration tool will not transfer the PI ProcessBook screen to PI Vision, LSI’s experts can help.

It starts with listening and understanding your unique PI ProcessBook application. Every successful project begins with a conversation. Give us a call at 877-735-6905—LSI Listens.

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*New customer sales stopped in 2020.

**The End of Support date is when PI ProcessBook no longer receives technical support and the access to download is no longer available. While technical support is available until the listed End of Support Date, PI ProcessBook will not receive security updates or fixes after 12/31/2022.

OSIsoft, PI Vision, PI ProcessBook, PI Server, Asset Framework Server are all trademarks of OSIsoft, LLC.

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