Ted Cookson, LSI Senior Controls Engineer

We continue to hear about the challenges facing municipalities and industry pertaining to water resources. In arid parts of our country, we will always have to ask ourselves, “Do we have enough water?” However, water volume is by no means our only issue. With environmental concerns (such as rising sea levels), increased industrial uses, increased wastewater disposal and increased nutrient loading (from agriculture), water quality is overtaking water availability as our largest point of concern.

Data and water tracking are now taking on even more important roles in how reclaimed water is used and accounted for. Operating conditions for industrial and municipal uses drive water quality requirements from both reclaimed systems and fresh water sources. This is true not just for regulatory reporting data, but also for data history, linking water use to sources, linking sources to specific treatment technologies and ensuring water treatment and wastewater treatment plants are operating at maximum optimization.

LSI offers a complete suite of SCADA, controls and data services to assist in optimizing operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and tracking and using data to drive decision making. Water use and water quality affect your bottom line, whether you are an industrial facility or a municipal water / wastewater provider. Contact LSI today.

Edward Cookson (Ted) is a mechanical engineer with 17 years of industrial automation, process engineering and project management experience. He has managed multiple controls and telemetry projects with wide-ranging budgets for both industrial and municipal clients. Past projects include custom machinery and control systems development for a variety of demanding applications, including Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, and Distribution and Collections Networks. Additionally, he has written several peer-reviewed papers and holds a United States patent.

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