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With BATCH≡RIGHT from LSI, you can leverage our five decades of experience in delivering high-value batch process control systems to improve your operations and help you achieve your ROI goals. We begin by listening to your unique needs and working to understand your batch processes and objectives. Then we help you develop and execute a batch solution designed specifically for your operation.

Here's how it works

STEP 1: Review of Project Goals, Process, and Objectives

      • Meet with the appropriate teams: Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, Quality, Safety, IT, Management, etc. to define and understand the goals of your project
      • Identify and understand your business risks
      • Understand how you want your batch process to operate
      • Prepare a summary of discussions

STEP 2: Development of Project Requirements

      • Discuss your plans for the operation of the plant and review P&IDs for the project. If the project is an upgrade of an existing facility, we would tour the plant to understand the physical assets (Physical Model) that will be used in the process.
      • Document the physical units to be used in the process and process flow. Existing documentation will be used whenever possible to develop the documentation for the project.
      • Document the Process Model and Physical Model for your operations
      • Meet with the appropriate team(s) to understand and document the:
          • Batch processes for the project
          • Number and type of recipes
          • Phases and procedures for the batch process
          • Quality requirements
          • Vessel/equipment restrictions for processing
          • Interfaces and communication with MES/ERP systems
          • Traceability requirements
          • Overall operational procedures
      • Prepare a Project Requirements Report that includes definition and cost for the Detailed Design phase of the project
      • Receive authorization to proceed with Detailed Design

STEP 3: Detailed Design

      • Develop a regular cadence of review meetings to ensure we are on the same page and incorporate your input along the way
      • Begin hardware design and software functional description/design
      • Finalize hardware design
      • Finalize functional descriptions and create a simulation and testing plan

STEP 4: Design Implementation

      • Configure the software for the batch process application
      • Develop process simulations to test the batch process application
      • Intermediate configuration reviews with you along the way to in preparation for the Factory Acceptance Test
      • Procure hardware and fabricate the control panels (or facilitate their fabrication)

STEP 5: Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

      • Using our large training site (or your own, if you prefer), we perform full simulations of the system for configuration functional testing and your approval
      • Validation is a major component of BATCH≡RIGHT. Engineers who have been working on the project are on hand to identify improvements and incorporate corrections or changes in real-time
      • We then travel to your plant to train your operators to ensure they are comfortable with the new system and understand it before it is implemented

STEP 6: On-site Implementation

      • We will manage or assist your team as requested to manage the contractors installing equipment and making changes or modifying the process
      • Whether you have your own installation team or would like us to handle the contracting, we work hand-in-hand with the electricians to perform the installation
      • Complete the IO checkout for the system
      • Implement the software for the project and begin software acceptance testing

STEP 7: Total System Commissioning

      • LSI is on-site with you to run the entire process, with or without product, and provide support

STEP 8: Post-Project Support

      • Following the project, LSI provides 24/7 support until all success criteria are fully met. We can also provide ongoing on-site or remote support per your request. Lastly, LSI provides As-Built system documentation to ensure that your new system is fully documented (as it has been installed) for you to have long-term support and maintenance.

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