How Can We Prevent Costly Human Errors As Our Brewery’s Operators Create New Batches?

What Our Client Said

We have a highly automated brewery, including integration to an Enterprise Resource Planning system for the creation of new batches. However, some manual interaction is still required. When we create new batches, operators have to make several selections for the recipe and brand to be created – and if the operator makes even a small error, an entire brew could be discarded (31,000 gallons of product)!

What We Heard

We need help to safeguard against the costly brewing of wasted off-spec product. First and foremost, we need to eliminate the potential for human error in the creation of new batches.

What We Did

LSI’s experienced brewery experts listened to the operators and managers in order to fully understand how the system operated and where the specific risks of human error were introduced. We then studied the programming for batch creation and developed unique “brand mismatch” logic that would detect problems with the batch before it started and prompt the operator to make corrections.

LSI provided:

  • Engineers and programmers with experience in the brewing industry
  • Advanced DeltaV DCS programming
  • Follow-up and testing

The Results Speak For Themselves

Immediate results
Just one week after this solution was implemented, LSI’s brand mismatch logic caught a batch that was created incorrectly and saved an entire fermenter of beer (93,000 gallons of product)!

A more efficient solution

The client initially considered solving this problem in their ERP system instead of their DCS, but LSI’s team was able to provide a solution in the DCS at 10% of the cost of the ERP solution.

Peace of mind

The brewery’s process runs more smoothly now that operators know that LSI’s brand mismatch logic is there to help them succeed.

LSI Listened

LSI listened, then we put our experience with brewery controls and processes to work. Because LSI is independent and not owned by a manufacturer, we were able to put the customer’s needs first. The results speak for themselves: improved confidence and more consistent beer, two ingredients that every brewery needs to succeed.

The brewery brand mismatch logic developed by LSI for the customer’s DeltaV DCS saved 93,000 gallons of product in the first week alone.

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