March 1 is the 10th anniversary of LSI’s Golden, Colorado, branch. Its very first project was to create new graphics, restart, re-control and revalidate a Blending and Finishing facility for a major brewery. The Golden branch experienced almost immediate traction and growth with our soon-to-be cornerstone brewery client.

With that success came the immediate need for more resources to enable and accomplish the workload. Within that first year, the Golden branch had grown to nine employees, who established themselves and formed strong bonds with the entire LSI enterprise that would prove crucial for their continued growth and success. That sense of teamwork and cooperation to ensure the ultimate success of the customer is as prevalent today as it was day one.

Congratulations to the Golden team for a remarkable decade! Now, with more than 40 talented people and exciting new opportunities and clients being added, we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.

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