Christian Whayne, LSI
Christian Whayne
Colin Downs, LSI
Colin Downs
Leo Frenkel, LSI
Leo Frenkel

LSI is pleased to announce that three of our engineers passed the Control System Professional Engineer (PE) exam in late 2020. Only five people sat for the exam in the entire State of Colorado, and three of them were from LSI with a 100% pass rate! Please join us in congratulating Christian Whayne, Colin Downs, and Leo Frenkel from our Golden, CO office! LSI now has fourteen PE licensed engineers on the team.

“Pursuing the PE license and passing the exam demonstrates the dedication that Christian, Colin, and Leo have to their engineering careers,” says Nick Riggio, LSI’s President, “We are fortunate to have them on our team and look forward to their continued accomplishments and success.”

The PE licensure is the highest standard of competence in engineering professions. This challenging 8-hour exam covers five major knowledge areas: Measurement, Control Systems, Final Control Elements, Signals, Transmission & Networking, and Safety Systems.

Watch for upcoming articles where we sit down and interview our dedicated engineers to spotlight their accomplishments and their engineering journey at LSI.

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