PLCFiveFarewellTour-1The PLC-5 Farewell Tour is here! Join us as we pay tribute to the PLC with rockstar status in the industrial world. At its peak in the 90s, over 450,000 were installed. So today, we start the Farewell Tour with the PLC-5 on stage in the spotlight – right where it was for over three decades! Follow us to see where the tour goes next, and if you are still using a PLC-5 in your plant or facility, let’s discuss your upgrade options. To get started, check out these helpful links:

PLC-5 Migration Path Decision Tool


PLC-5 History and Farewell Tour 

If you want to join us on this tongue-in-cheek Farewell Tour, please follow us on LinkedIn so you don’t miss a post. More adventures to come!

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