What if you could pinpoint where the process went wrong every time?

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Digging through mounds of data might get you there, but what if you could automatically frame up the most relevant data points within the problem event?  Several of the latest systems can automatically create Event Frames by using defined triggers and grabbing the data for analysis. This makes your job much easier and generates tremendous benefits.

At a minimum, the ability to quickly pull up data related to an excursion event can save you time during your investigation.

But a more significant benefit can come when you fully utilize technology’s capability to present previously unnoticeable correlations. This technology helps answer questions like:

  • Why does this product always give us trouble?
  • Is our raw material inconsistent?
  • Are we following the best batch profile?
  • What is causing a drop in OEE?

Rapid improvements can be achieved when the right tools are in place and used regularly.

Data Source Challenges

Recently we spoke with a food & beverage customer who expressed their need to relate production, CIP, and LIMS data to failed swab testing within the facility. Unfortunately, since this data is currently spread across four different systems and is input over a 48-hour period, the effort to find correlations is quite difficult. This challenge led them to contact LSI for a Data Analytics solution that would help them identify correlations.

Getting Started

  • Step One
      • Locate the correct data, create a systematic method of gathering data, clean the data sets, and bring them all together. This can seem insurmountable, but it’s not.
  • Step Two
      • Define an event’s trigger(s) that allows you to automatically overlay or group the appropriate data into a single event frame that provides a visualization of all associated operational points of data.
  • Step Three
      • Analyze the resulting event frame data. This analysis can bring correlations to light that would otherwise go unnoticed, correlations that allow you to make decisions for process improvements.

Event Frames save you lots of time and can be analyzed quickly to recognize correlations that are almost impossible to see without this technology.  Data Analytics has come a long way. If you have questions about how Event Frames might work for you, give us a call at 877-735-6905.

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